Privileged Planet (Chapter 1 of 12)

later the summer of 1977 an historic mission of exploration was launched twin spacecraft christened Voyager 1 and 2 broke free from the Earth's gravity on journeys to the outer reaches of the solar system their primary destinations were the four giant outer planets Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune for 13 years the voyagers probed […]

Privileged Planet (Chapter 6 of 12)

while a growing body of scientific evidence may support this hypothesis does the possibility that our planet is rare within the galaxy imply anything about its significance recently astronomer Donald Brownlee considered this question in the best-selling book rare earth why complex life is uncommon in the universe there's a general feeling that the nature […]

Privileged Planet (Chapter 2 of 12)

the mystery of the earth significance in the universe has challenged philosophy and science for more than 2,000 years early perceptions were shaped by the work of the Greek scholars Aristotle and Ptolemy they taught that the Earth's at most in the center of the heavens while the moon's Sun and other stars and planets […]

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