Privileged Planet (Chapter 6 of 12)

while a growing body of scientific evidence may support this hypothesis does the possibility that our planet is rare within the galaxy imply anything about its significance recently astronomer Donald Brownlee considered this question in the best-selling book rare earth why complex life is uncommon in the universe there's a general feeling that the nature […]

Privileged Planet (Chapter 2 of 12)

the mystery of the earth significance in the universe has challenged philosophy and science for more than 2,000 years early perceptions were shaped by the work of the Greek scholars Aristotle and Ptolemy they taught that the Earth's at most in the center of the heavens while the moon's Sun and other stars and planets […]


hello friends in this video tutorial I'm going to talk about the ecosystem and the water flow and oxygen availability of the freshwater ecosystem which is not stagnant that means which is running now we will be talking about the ecosystem of a river now in this ecosystem of River in any kind of ecosystem […]

How Close Are We to Curing HIV/AIDS?

in the 90s we heard about the AIDS epidemic on every local newscast we were irrationally afraid of toilet seats and payphones even kissing people sex became scary and while we don't see those public service announcements anymore AIDS hasn't gone away it's still a global epidemic to date over 39 million people have died […]

CRISPR: Gene editing and beyond

the crisper cast 9 system is a tool for cutting DNA at a specifically targeted location the technique has already revolutionized gene editing but scientists are always looking for new possibilities so what else can CRISPR do since being discovered in a bacterial immune system CRISPR Castine has been adapted into a powerful tool for […]

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