Genes and Environment

every week it seems we read about how scientists have found a gene that causes a disease like diabetes or heart disease or cancer usually scientists have looked at the genes of a lot of people with a particular disease and figured out which genetic variations occur most often in people with that disease and […]

Lake ecosystem and nutrient source

welcome again friends in this video tutorial we'll be talking about the freshwater ecosystem ins few consideration about the freshwater ecosystem one of them is the source of organic matter in the ecosystem and the second thing is why there are differentiated type of lakes in the ecosystem some of the lakes are to reach […]

Researchers Reverse Alzheimer’s Memory Loss (in Mice) | SciShow News

نفذ الترجمة : شوان حميد تويتر : [email protected] وفقاً للخبراء ما يصل إلى 50 مليون شخص في جميع أنحاء العالم قد يعانون من مرض الزهايمر وأشكال مماثلة من الخرف حيث تؤدي التغييرات المؤذية في الدماغ إلى انخفاض عام في الأداء المعرفي وفقدان الذاكرة هي أحدى العلامات الأولى على أن هناك خطبٌ ما لكن في وقت […]

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