Not IF Drought Will Happen, But WHEN.

[Music] [Title] Not If Drought Will Happen…But When This is Isaac, his wife Halima, and their family of seven. They live in the arid lands of the Horn of Africa. Isaac earned a living and had modest savings from his livestock but when his son fell seriously ill, Isaac spent all his savings on treatment. […]

2018 SC Water Resources Conference: Meet Dr. Dobbins

Welcome, my name is Kathy Woodard I’m with Clemson University Public Service and Agriculture. I’m here at the South Carolina Water Resources Conference in Columbia, South Carolina and I am with Dr. Tom Dobbins. He’s professor of agriculture education and the Director of Clemson Cooperative Extension. Tom, welcome to the Conference. Thank you, Kathy glad […]

NAAEExCalWater H2OChallenge

Mrs. Jones talked to me about the possibility of a challenge it’s called the CalWater challenge and we applied for the grant and we found out we got the grant and so we spent about a month working very hard our goal was to come up with a sustainable idea to save water at Shasta. […]

California Drought Impact on Arizona Agriculture & Future of Cars & Experience Corps

>>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon.” The drought in California is hurting agriculture there but can it help farmers here?>>>We’ll talk about new high-tech features that will soon be commonplace in cars.>>>And see a reading program that pairs seniors with kids.>>>Those stories next on “Arizona Horizon.”>>>”Arizona Horizon” is made possible by contributions from the friends […]

The Future of Water

What we think of as normal and what we planned for as normal and the infrastructure that we built to deal with normal isn’t normal anymore. Normal is gone. New water restrictions have been imposed in Cape Town, South Africa. In India, rising temperatures threaten to make a severe water crisis there even worse. The […]

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