Our mysterious ocean floor

NOWADAYS we know a huge amount about our precious planet and what it consists of. But what we don’t always consider is that a vast 70% of the Earth’s surface is under the sea. And only 15% of this has been mapped in detail. There’s an entire world underwater that we know very little about. […]

What If Earth’s Oceans Evaporated?

What if all the oceans disappeared from the Earth’s surface? This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would happen if all the Earth’s oceans evaporated. In the early years of our planet, the Earth was flat. But not in a way you might think. The Earth just didn’t have any mountains and was mostly covered […]

Ocean Confetti!

In many ways, plastic is the perfect material: we can make it strong and rigid enough to build spaceships and replace bones, or thin and flexible enough to make shopping bags that weigh as much as a nickel but carry up to 17 pounds. And unlike other materials, plastic doesn’t rust or rot — it […]

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