Environmental Education in JAPAN 最上川 芭蕉の足跡を尋ねて

朝の光の中で 今日も君に会えたね 爽やか笑顔の挨拶 今日もきっといい日になる 春はせせらぎの川で 夏は潮風の海で 秋は落ち葉の庭で 冬は木枯らしの道で 君に巡り逢えた奇跡そっと噛み締めて こんな広い世界の中に そう君に変わる人は誰もいない かけがえの無い だからいつもその笑顔 ずっと忘れないで居てね そう 君はすばらしい 君に巡り逢えた奇跡そっと噛み締めて こんな広い世界の中に そう 君に変わる人は誰も居ない かけがえの無い だからいつもその笑顔 ずっと忘れないで居てね そう 君はすばらしい 君の笑顔に会いたい

EKOenergy: the renewable energy ecolabel

This is Peter and this is Peter’s business. Peter cares about the environment and he wants to buy renewable energy because he knows he needs to reduce his carbon emissions. But can Peter do more than just buy renewable? Can he show people that he cares where he gets his energy? With EKOenergy Peter can […]

The Nature Study Movement

In the 19th and 20th Centuries, the Industrial Revolution was changing how people interacted with nature. Pollution was being added to our environment even as resources were being removed from it at a faster rate than ever before. More children were enrolled in formal schools, rather than learning from their families and communities. And many […]

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