The Nachusa Grasslands – An Illinois Story

Sometimes the bison emerge out of the tall grass like ghosts… I read some of the comments, “Hiked the trail, saw the bison!” “Saw some bison, roamin’!” Most of the state’s been developed for corn, soybeans, suburbia, urban areas and our natural areas are small and fragmented and far between. The frequent number you hear […]

The Seeds of Ghost Forests

EMILY BERNHARDT: A ghost forest is a very clever name for a kind of unfortunate new habitat type we’re seeing growing on the coast. It’s a place where you have a lot of dead trees. Large areas of contiguous forest that are just gone. RYAN EMANUEL: My emotional response is to mourn the loss of […]

Wildlife on the Nevada National Security Site

[Patrick Cummings] Well sheep are hard to see. [Kathleen Longshore] People would see bighorn sheep down by Mercury, mostly rams, rams wander. [Patrick Cummings] They’re hard to see and there’s probably not very many of them. [Kathleen Longshore] We never saw evidence of a reproducing population until we started the project on cougars and found […]

Ocean Temperatures — Changing Planet

The world’s oceans cover more than 70 percent of Earth’s surface. Millions of creatures, great and small, call the oceans home. These massive bodies of water play a crucial role in maintaining the planet’s delicate environmental balance, from supporting a complex food chain, to affecting global weather patterns. But rising air temperatures are warming the […]

BSc (Hons) Ecology and Wildlife Conservation at Bournemouth University

>>Gary: Studying ecology and Wildlife Conservation, you look at ecosystems management, ecological patterns and processes, environmental pollution and ultimately the sustainable management of the environment. It’s quite practical and hands-on, but obviously there is quite a lot of theoretical learning and literature review you need to do, in your own time.>>Dr Anita Diaz: The course […]

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