Renewable energy

the earth on our planet Earth there are inexhaustible sources of energy natural energies that will never run out we call them renewable energies the wind however many windmills at turns will never defeat itself wind energy is constantly constantly constantly renewed it can rotate windmills and move sailboats but it also creates electricity using […]

What is an Ecosystem

welcome to biology exams for Hakam today the topic of our discussion is what is an ecosystem in this presentation we will be discussing about what is an ecosystem different types of ecosystem components of ecosystem and examples of ecosystem first of all starting with the term ecosystem the town was coined by AG Tansley […]

Ecology Introduction

ecology the study of the interaction between living and nonliving things ecology all begins with an organism which is a living thing the example we're going to see is the Fox so an organism can be represented by one single fox a fox is a living thing but is an organism the Sun mmm no […]

How do we teach environmental education?

recently we've talked about my experiences in environmental education and developed a working definition for what environmental IDI can be I have lots of ideas about how we can improve environmental IDI but first we need to know how its currently taught where does environmental it happen since it's educational your first thought might be […]

What is an Ecosystem?

hi I'm emerald Robinson and in this what is video we're going to investigate Earth's ecosystems an ecosystem is a community of living things interacting with the nonliving parts of their environment there are two primary parts of an ecosystem the biotic part is made of all the living things like plants and animals fungi […]

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

أعزائي أجيال المستقبل أعتقد أنني أتحدث عن بقيتنا عندما أقول آسف. عذرا ،لأننا تركنا لكم فوضى في كوكبنا. آسف لأننا كنا منشغلين بالقيام بما نشتهي عذرا ، لقد استمعنا إلى الأشخاص الذين قدموا الأعتذار عن عدم القيام بشيء آمل أن تسامحونا. نحن لم ندرك كم كانت الأرض مميزة، كزواج انتهى لم نكن نعرف ما كنا […]

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