A Resource Ecosystem to Support Entrepreneurs

>>I hang out in, in EDA, the Economic Development Administration to support the conditions for entrepreneurs and startups to succeed as a tool for economic development. In the last decade or so, the US has really embraced entrepreneurial-based economic development as a tool to create jobs, economic diversity, and, and new economic activity in regions […]

Environmental Narratives | Culture, Power, and Global Environment

>>Our readings for this week illustrate how environmental narratives operate in three distinct domains of global environmental politics. Let’s begin with Charles Mann’s essay 1491. In 1491, Mann, a science writer, discusses controversial scientific findings that have challenged prevailing assumptions about the demographic and environmental history of the Americas. To make a long story short, […]

DPC Intro

What if our next national park was started by an elementary school? What if the fresh produce on your plate was brought to you by Mrs. Heilig’s 5th grade class? What if an idea to save our oceans comes from a twelve year old? Welcome to Disney’s Planet Challenge where today’s youth are creating a […]

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