Is it OK to Pee in the Ocean?

So it’s summer and of course you’re heading out to the beach. You’re splashing around in the waves from the ocean when you realize… you may have drank far too much water. The boardwalk is so far away and your feet will get all sandy so why not just go in the ocean, right? Does […]

Seaver Stories | The Rainforest

(piano music) (upbeat drum music) – So, I’m Lee Kats, I’m a biologist at Pepperdine. We’re on our way to La Selva Biological Station, a lowland Caribbean based research station. Where the group of students and biologists are gonna study poison dart frogs. – We’re all researchers based in California. And so, what we’re coming […]

EdTechLens: Rainforest Journey Introduction

EdTechLens e-learning programs are designed to meet teacher and student needs to comply with standards and achieve on tests. At the same time, our programs foster the natural curiosity that engages students and drives real learning. Our first program presents the kindergarten to fifth-grade life sciences curriculum through the lens of a Rainforest Journey. Our […]

NAU Centennial Forest

as a forestry student flagstaff is a great location to be northern arizona university i think is just one of the most gorgeous areas in the southwest the forests we have here the peaks and having the centennial forest so near by just lets us as forestry students go out and have class out there […]

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