Ag Teachers Make a Difference

Rob McClendon: Well, since we’ve been looking at the impact teachers have on our lives, we thought it only appropriate to end our show with a young lady whose appreciation for her ag instructors is reflected in her FFA. Here’s Oklahoma FFA’s Megan DeVuyst. Megan DeVuyst: When thinking about what my ag teacher means to […]

Citizen Scholar Award Recipients – Academic Spotlight

In keeping with Missouri State University’s statewide mission in public affairs, each year the Missouri State Board of Governors recognizes students who exemplify the concept of a citizen scholar. A citizen scholar contributes to the university, advances the university’s public affairs mission and engages in extra-curricular accomplishments and/or in significant service activities in the community. […]

Get Intimate with the Shrub-Steppe

Hey folks, I’m heading south of Ellensburg right now to get intimate with the shrub steppe I hope to see some wild snakes today and also to meet with Adrian and Wendy and see some of their native snakes Hey Kelly what you seeing? You found a rattlesnake? Yup yup, check it out! Alright, ok, […]

Imagine a World: A Global Call for Action

Imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to experience nature. A world where every learner, young and old, has access to the best environmental education possible in schools, in their community, at work and throughout life. Where educators everywhere are empowered to teach people, not what to think but how to think. A world […]

Chicago Eco House x Science Career Continuum

(Music playing) The Science Career Continuum program is a program that explores environmental science, plant science and ecology with Chicago public school students Through the UL award and being a recipient this year we would only hoped to have this amazing network that we do have now. And to have great collaborations with people who […]

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