DLE — Rainforest Distance Learning

*MUSIC* When you’re studying the rainforests of Central America, and they’re about 2,000 miles away from Southeastern Wisconsin, what are Delavan-Darien students and teachers going to do? Bring the rainforest and its wildlife into the classroom… virtually, of course! Delavan-Darien second grade Dual Language Program teacher Helen Guerrero did just that by having a virtual […]

The Plan to Fertilize the Ocean With IRON

Floating in just a single drop of ocean water are thousands, possibly millions of microscopic organisms called plankton. In Greek, ‘planktos’ means wanderer, which is a pretty good description of these organisms since all they do is float near the surface of the water, completely dependent on the currents to move them along These can […]

16th Century exercises in a modern environment

Hi, I’m Dr. Joan Fitzpatrick. I’m the senior lecturer in English here at Loughborough University and today we’re at the Holywell Fitness Centre to show you some sixteenth-century exercises from Thomas Elyot’s Castle of Health. The first exercise was delving especially in tough or heavy clay soil and by delving he meant digging. Other exercises […]

15 Most Beautiful Forests in The World

Welcome to ALUX.com! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired. If you’re not subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Hello Aluxers and welcome to another exciting original video presented by our team here at ALUX.com. Can you imagine escaping to a world where the wild things are that is covered with trees and different […]

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