What Happens After An Oil Spill?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. The world uses nearly countless amounts of oil every year in one form or another. The United States alone has been consuming a total of over 7 billion barrels of petroleum products a year, or around 20 million barrels a day in recent times. This reliance on fossil fuels […]

Ocean Volcanoes May Hold Clues To Alien Life

Some 480 million miles away from Earth is Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and it’s one of the few places in our solar system scientists think could host alien life. Scientists believe Europa is volcanically active and the Hubble Space Telescope recently observed ejections of material from the moon’s ice covered surface. These observations provided more evidence […]

Ocean Acidification — Changing Planet

In Antarctica, few animals can survive the howling winds and frigid temperatures up on the land, blanketed by snow. But here, in the Southern Ocean, under the serene cool blue ice cover, Antarctica is teeming with life. In these frigid waters live creatures that would feel right at home in a 1950s monster movie: giant […]

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