Obama Announces Historic Climate Agreement

In my first inaugural address, I committedthis country to the tireless task of combating climate change and protecting this planetfor future generations. Two weeks ago, in Paris, I said before theworld that we needed a strong global agreement to accomplish this goal — an enduring agreementthat reduces global carbon pollution and sets the world on […]

Services to the Renewable energy sector

[Applause] harnessing these energy sources is essential for a sustainable future Lloyd's Register is uniquely placed to help you reduce the costs and enhance the efficiency of your renewable energy projects with full lifecycle support site assessment helping you make the right decisions about your site energy resource assessment reducing uncertainty and increasing yields from […]

Renewable energy resource maps

[Judy Pino] As rising energy costs continue tograb headlines, Americans are paying more attention toalternatives to fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind,and biomass power hold great promise, but communities struggle with where to build these facilities. Hello and welcome to Green Scene, EPA's environmental podcast series that you cantake with you. I'm […]

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