Power Forward Challenge

The world runs on energy and as we build a cleaner energy future we’re reimagining our power grids connecting new technology to power forward wind solar electric vehicles energy storage and other technologies that we haven’t even imagined to reduce emissions and increase reliability We’re challenging innovators from Canada and the UK to work together […]

Duke Fuqua Community Connections – EDGE

– Hello everyone, welcome from Fuqua School of Business. I’m Katie Kross, I’m Managing Director of the Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment, EDGE, and I’m joined today by Alex Wein, who’s one of our Second-Year students, who’s co-president of the MBA Energy Club. And we are going to talk to you today […]

Could Poop Power Our Cars?

(Could poop power our cars?) DAVID WERNICK: There’s a lot of protein waste that we produce right now as a society that are not really used. In 2008, it was estimated that there’s about 1 billion tons of manure. That is a lot of manure that is not fully utilized. A good portion of that […]

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