The Future of Ocean Exploration

With 95% of the ocean floor unexplored, the deep sea is Earth’s last frontier. Its pioneers are scientists leveraging the latest technology to cast light on the massive and incomprehensibly dark environment that extends more than 35,000 feet down. Until recently, this world was known only to our planet’s most unearthly species. This is the […]

My Ocean is #OurOcean

The ocean. It covers three quarters of our planet. It gives us the oxygen we breathe. It regulates our climate. It feeds us. The ocean gives us clean energy. It offers new medicines. For millions, it provides a livelihood. For millions more, it provides life. The ocean is owned by no one, but shared by […]

Potential and Kinetic Energy | #aumsum

Potential and Kinetic Energy. The law of conservation of energy. Energy cannot be created. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another. Conversion of Energy. Solar Energy. Electrical Energy. Mechanical Energy. Potential Energy. Energy due to position. Potential Energy. Kinetic Energy. due to motion. The unit of energy is […]

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