NAAEE x UL Innovative Education Award Launch (2017)

The UL Innovative Education award is an award that recognizes organizations that does great work with students that are really learning about the environment while also learning science engineering technology and math. We love the idea of recognizing not-for-profit who are already engaged with kids and really inspiring them to think and explore and investigate. […]

Renewable Energy Storage Solutions

Ontario’s energy needs are becoming more and more complex. Ontario generates its electricity from diverse sources including nuclear, hydroelectric, natural gas, wind and solar. Cleaner energy sources like wind and solar could not only allow us to transition away from conventional sources, but they’ve also presented a great opportunity to create large-scale energy storage systems […]

Engineering Career Exploration: Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Environmental and Ecological Engineering, or as we like to say “Triple E,” is where passion for the environment meets Purdue Engineering. Environmental and Ecological engineers use the principles of systems engineering, biology, and chemistry to develop strategies to protect human and environmental health, and design sustainable systems and technologies. Our unique name, Environmental and Ecological […]

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