International students – enhancing your employment prospects at York

Liz Smith: There’s a whole range of different things that we do to support our students in developing their employability. Things that might be of particular interest to international students would be our employability tutorial, our volunteering and student internship opportunities, our website which has some specific pages for international students. Also our events program […]

Volunteering with Alliance

It is my first camp of Alliance. This is my first workcamp. I plan to do one more after this. First time in a workcamp of Alliance. I’m participating in workcamps already six times. It’s my fourth. I’ve heard much about workcamps like this, international workcamps but I ended up here with the help of […]


hey guys I'm doing another 360 video this time I'm in Tahoe with Dottie and Kevin and Dave and we are walking along the edge of lily Lake and the forest it's pretty epic have a look around to the trees I'm pretty out of breath cuz we were quite high altitude what am how […]

Our Forests, Our People

when it comes to forestry we've come a long way from axes and checked shirts in the UK forestry is a modern multi-purpose and high-tech sector which balances economic and environmental needs not only does it deliver jobs and economic growth well-managed woodlands of conifers and broad leaves also encourage wildlife reduce carbon and provide […]

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