Lake Scugog: Development And Land Use

The data we collected over the last three years particularly in the nearshore zone has shown that what’s happening on the land is influencing water quality in the lake. For example, we found our sites that are near Port Perry tend to have poor water quality compared to say, sites in the eastern arm of […]

Earth Gurls

greetings, my eco-friendly loved ones let’s take a journey>>I don’t really like where the trees are made of sugar hot, high and dry there must be something in the water sippin’ lime’n ade layin’ underneath [shriek] WHAT IS THAT? the boys break their necks try’na run away from here (oh yeah) you wanna love the […]

Earth(ly) Matters: Exploring Methods I

IRIS MONTERO: Good morning, everybody. Welcome back to our second day thinking about earthly matters. Yesterday we had a very fruitful, inspiring, challenging encounter. And some mind blowing realizations about the state of the home we share with the more than human. Today we will still continue, we will continue reflections. Paying, perhaps, a little […]

Africa’s Climate Change Challenge

>>Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for your time. We are about to start the session. Good afternoon and welcome to the session on Africa’s climate change. It is widely considered the most vulnerable continent in the world to the effects of climate change and many countries are suffering from various forms of climate […]

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