This is why Amazon is so cheap.

This video is sponsored by CuriosityStream. Get access to my streaming video service, Nebula, when you sign up for CuriosityStream using the link in the description. About a month ago, Jeff Bezos announced that his company, Amazon, donated 1 million dollars towards the Australian fire relief efforts. For the average person, 1 million Australian dollars […]

Environmental Sustainability | Design Squad

[Music] This plastic bottle has a lifecycle. The plastic in it comes from non-renewable fossil fuels like oil and natural gas. Energy from fossil fuels also powers the factory that makes the bottles by the millions. And fossil fuels are burned to transport the bottles thousands of miles to the customer. Then you drink from […]

Where Does One Ocean End And Another Begin?

Hi, this is Kate from MinuteEarth. Earth’s ocean water, all 140 million-ish square miles of it, is all interconnected – which becomes really clear when you look at the world like this. Technically our planet only has one ocean: the giant, not-so-creatively named “world ocean.” But that makes it hard to talk about different parts […]

Is Electric Fishing Cheating Our Oceans?

Electric pulse fishing, a giant net attached to a fishing boat laden with electrodes, is dragged across the seabed producing an electric field in the water. It shocks the fish on the seafloor which then float up to the surface for fishermen to scoop up. In some ways, it’s an improvement over commercial fishing methods […]

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