Environmental Education: SchoolTalk with Nadjia Varney

[Music]>>Welcome to School Talk. I�m Nadjia Varney, your host. We�ve had a world summit on climate, so how important is environmental education? Well, I�m delighted today to welcome a favorite guest of mine, the attorney, Frank Veale. He�s an environmental engineer and currently he�s the assistant professor and department chair at Mass Maritime Academy. He�s […]

Regional Summit on Environmental Education

(music) Melissa Burlingame (Outreach & CommunicationsSpecialist): This is the first annual Regional Summit on Environmental Education and we arebringing together people that are wanting to learn about best practices in environmentaleducation. Melissa Lenczewski (Director, ESE Institute):This came together as a way to bring together the different universities, community college,and even high schools who teach environmental […]

Montgomery County's Outdoor Environmental Education Celebrates 50 Years

Montgomery County Public Schools celebrated the 50th anniversary other outdoor environmental education programs MCPS TV has the story from the Smith Center in Rockville families MCPS alumni and community leaders gathered at the Smith Center in Rockville to celebrate the 50th anniversary of outdoor environmental education in Montgomery County Public Schools the outdoor environmental education […]

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