Prof. Ryan Prosser (environmental toxicology)

My research relates to environmental toxicology, so I look at the impact of chemicals that are used in various aspects of society whether it’s on agriculture or industry or commercially and their potential fate. How they make their way into the environment, what happens to them when they get in the environment and what effect […]

Latin America: Environmental Conditions

Throughout this course, we have identified how climates are affected by latitude, atmospheric pressure, and elevation. In this video, we will establish how these three ideas combine to create extreme ranges in environmental conditions within each nation of Latin America. In addition, we will explore how climate is a major factor in determining the distribution […]

Moon-Xi press importance of close and practical cooperation to improve environmental cooperation

staying with the moon she’s summit in Beijing this afternoon the leaders of South Korea and China shared their view on environmental issues and stressed on the importance of fortune’ close and practical cooperation between the two nations regarding environmental cooperation the leaders voiced concerns that the environmental issues including fine dust pollution are directly […]


Hello! Good night! The concern about the environment has increased a lot both nationally and internationally due to problems caused by human interference For a considerable period of time, Natural Resources had been used without regard to their scarcity, and as a result, other environmental problems such as pollution and deforestation took global proportions, leading […]

Clare Saunders: Environmental politics

I am Claire Saunders Associate Professor in Environmental Politics in the Environment and Sustainability Institute. Teaching wise I teach the politics of protest. I get students to analyse a data set that we collected by going out and handing surveys to protesters and collecting them back. So students learn about how to do research methods. […]

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