Wildlife Fence Construction – Part 1

[drums, bass, and synthesizer play in bright rhythm] (male narrator) Wildlife is one of the many natural assets that we value here in Minnesota. But sometimes wildlife interferes with human activities, for example, whitetail deer eating and damaging agricultural crops or stored forage. This is one case where the conflict between humans and wildlife can […]

How to use the Forestry Pro Rangefinder

This is the Forestry Pro, a 3 point hypsometer from Nikon. Now inside here we’ve got a clinometer and laser range finder working together So if we use high points, low points and horizontal points, we can very easily and quickly, find distances and heights of objects. The front houses the monocular lens and laser, […]

The power of analytics for Natural Resources

Given the downturn in commodity prices globally, a lot of our natural resources clients are under incredible amount of pressure at the moment to increase production and reduce costs. So the question becomes, how can IBM safely help them significantly boost productivity, through the use of analytics? Right now for a number of clients globally […]

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