Zombie Planet Returns

what do you see in the glass in 2008 Hubble astronomers announced the discovery of a new exoplanet one orbiting the nearby star Fomalhaut dubbed Fomalhaut be the new world orbited inside a ring of dusty debris and was claimed as the first exoplanet directly observed in visible light recently several teams of astronomers have […]

An Extrasolar Planet's Atmosphere

using the nasa/esa Hubble Space Telescope astronomers have found the first clear evidence of high-altitude haze or clouds in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet this discovery reveals a deeper understanding of the class of giant planets that are strong is called hot Jupiters this is the hubblecast news and images from the nasa/esa Hubble […]

Climate Detectives – Final event

hello welcome to the final online event of the climate detectives school project 2018-2019. I'm Alana Bartolini from the ESA education office and with me is ESA scientist Anne Gret Straume. Shortly we will hear more about her work and how she joined ESA. We are here at the European Space Research and Technology Center […]

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