The Perfect Blend of Art and Nature

(instrumental) – [Narrator] Mankind and the elements. For some, it's an uncomfortable bond. – In bad conditions,it can be a death zone. – [Narrator] For others, when weather strikes, inspiration begins. – [Casey] When you buildan instrument out of it, you're kind of bringingthat tree back to life because it's creating music. – [Narrator] These […]

Expanding Earth

we come to the earth which well grew to get here the way it is now here is our world our planet Earth floating in space we will be going backward in time imperfectly but done in a very disciplined manner please notice there is no subduction no rotation of tectonic plates no twisting no […]

The Natural Side of Enduro

e e nosotros como así antes [Risas] d [Música] [Música] no efe y sí [Música] valiente [Música] i i i e [Música] muy bien [Música] [Música] vamos disco y étnico [Música] [Música] no ah rosa el país es bonito policial [Música] [Música] [Música] o [Música] [Música] y [Música] y [Música] mire sí i [Música] i […]

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