America’s Heartland: Episode 522

  America’s Heartland is made possible by…. They make up a small part of our population, but have a huge impact on all of our lives. They take business risks that few others would tolerate all on our behalf. They’re American farmers who feed, fuel and clothe the world. Monsanto would like to recognize them […]

Episode 802 – America’s Heartland

America’s Heartland is made possible by: The United Soybean Board whose “Common Ground” program creates conversations to help consumers get the facts about farming and food. There’s more at: The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. Dedicated to building greater awareness and understanding of agriculture through education and engagement. More information at: Farm […]

HomieKidz | Air Pollution and Climate Change | Education Cartoon

tan tan [音楽] おおーー ふう [音楽] re re re re me [音楽] 11号 [音楽] ん dee doo n ame deen [音楽] ni 2 ni [音楽] ん me ワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワンワン [音楽] ben [音楽] ええええええ tan うん rar dare ni [音楽] いいいいいい と思いません 50ん me wh [音楽] ん toranoana me me me 7 ああああああ [音楽] re ni me […]

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