A Sustainable Agriculture Story

>>LAUREN WULKER: Who are you? [laughter] Education, farming, agriculture, conservation, community engagement. It was meant to be! We are trying to tell a sustainable agriculture story here today that honors the historical legacy of this land and the people who have been here before us—-farming, sustainably feeding this community, this region.>>STUDENT 1: So a lot […]

MUSHROOM | How Does it Grow?

Can you name a vegetable that doesn’t need sunlight to grow? You can’t. I know you can’t because it’s a trick question. All vegetables get their energy to grow from the sun, but there’s something else we eat that’s mistakenly called a vegetable, which prefers the dark. It’s a mushroom, but – How Does It […]

BLUEBERRY | How Does it Grow?

If I could nominate one fruit to be the national fruit of the United States, it would be – the blueberry. Sorry, Apple…Americans, we fiercely guard our independence, we cherish our freedom; we’re even known to be a bit wild…Let’s go with that. Because that, my friends, is also the spirit of the blueberry. Even […]

Leona (Woezner) Neu Oral History

– I am Leona Nay of Ashley, North Dakota. – [Interviewer] And have you always lived in Ashley? – In the surrounding area, yes. – [Interviewer] So you’re an Ashley girl. – Yes sir. – [Interviewer] Okay, why don’t you tell me about where you grew up? Not just Ashley, but did you grow up […]

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