The destruction of the Amazon, explained

“And in South America tonight, an environmental problem of a much greater magnitude.” “The destruction of the Amazon rainforest.” “A worldwide disaster.” In the 1980s, the world learned that the Amazon was in danger. “Trees are falling at a startling rate…” “77,000 square miles…” “… an area twice the size of Belgium…” “…the size of […]

Fast-Tracking Food Forest Permanence

Hi, Geoff Lawton here. In the food forest area where we’ve been doing a fast establishment and we’ve actually used a rotary hoe to change grass, weed regime quickly into a fast food forest at this time of year. Let me show you the comparison of an area right next door. Here’s our cattle laneway, […]

Forest Farming Stropharia Mushrooms

Another option for forest mushroom cultivation is the stropharia mushroom. Its Latin name is stropharia rugosoannulata. The common name is often garden giant or the red wine cap mushroom and that’s because the caps can actually grow almost as big as a dinner plate sometimes. These are really gorgeous red capped mushrooms. They have dark […]

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