Volunteering with Alliance

It is my first camp of Alliance. This is my first workcamp. I plan to do one more after this. First time in a workcamp of Alliance. I’m participating in workcamps already six times. It’s my fourth. I’ve heard much about workcamps like this, international workcamps but I ended up here with the help of […]

OTHER VIDEOS – Young researchers

Hello, I’m Tore from Germany, and I have been at the Polar Institute since the end of 2009 I arrived here in Summer 2009 to work on my masters thesis. In Northern Germany it is completely different from here, I wasn’t used to the polar nights or the long winters. I got hooked on polar […]

A Day in the Life: Harvard Student

(beatboxing) (mellow music) – Ladies and gentleman. Ladies and gentleman, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Hi, my name’s Devon Guinn. I’m a senior at Harvard from Rochester, Michigan. I study visual environmental studies, which is basically film and animation. In my spare time, I do a lot of beatboxing and comedy stuff. […]

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