Africa’s Economic Update

>>Good morning.>>O K.>>Good morning, everybody, and welcome to the world economic Forum in Cape Town . My name is Chris Bishop and I have been reporting for CNBC Africa for more than 25 years. Africa for more than 25 years. Today, we look at the story of African growth and the continental free trade area […]

Fund Analyst Rating: JPMorgan Natural Resources

Welcome to the Morningstar Manager Check-up for the latest updates from our fund research team. JPM Natural Resources has been run by Neil Gregson since 2012. Gregson is an experienced resources investor with industry background and he is supported by a broad bench of commodity specialists. The manager targets mis-valued resources producers – from preproduction […]

#DFS4What – In five years DFS will

Dans 5 ans, la finance digitale… Dans cinq ans la finance digitale permettra In five years, digital finance will enable aux populations qui sont aujourd’hui exclues du secteur people who are currently excluded from financier d’avoir plus accès justement à des moyens, the financial sector to have more access de paiements, d’avoir accès à d’autres […]

Effective Hedging Solutions for Renewable Energy Projects (JCRA Whiteboard Animation)

Renewable energy projects are complex. With so many variables and stakeholders, an effective financial risk management strategy can be the difference between success… and failure. A clear understanding of the interest rate and foreign exchange exposures throughout the lifecycle of a project is crucial. As an independent financial risk advisory, with three decades of global […]

Alternative & Renewable Energy Sources

Tom Seng: This lesson is going to be on alternative and renewable energy sources. The main types that we’re going to talk about are wind, hydro, solar, geothermal, and biomass. Wind power once was used for mechanical drives only. It’s gaining in popularity as a clean, alternative source of electricity using turbine generators. You know, […]

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