3 Tips To Respect Wildlife

Do you know these 3 tips to Respect Wildlife? 1. Observe Wildlife From a Distance Quick movements and loud noises are stressful to wild animals and can cause them to change their behavior. Avoid critical and sensitive habitats especially when animals are nesting and rearing their young. You are too close if your presence or […]

Buy Fruiting Plants for Your Home Orchard / Food Forest! -Backyard Edible Landscape Options

Hi YouTubers! I’m Al Gracian from albopepper.com. Edible landscaping. Backyard orchard. Food forests. Urban gardening. More and more people are looking for trees, shrubs, vines and ground covers that are EDIBLE. Where can you find the varieties you’re looking for? What options do we have as consumers? Want to transform your yard from some non-functional, […]

Nuestra comida y la contaminación ambiental

Do you remember that in previous videos we have been talking about greenhouse gases? The most important ones are CO2, methane and water. 97% of the scientific community agrees that the liberation and atmospheric accumulation of these gases has an important anthropogenic component. According to the Environmental Protection Agency of the US, the biggest polluting […]

Epic Fried Whole Chicken! – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

*fire crackling* *crackling* *food sizzling* *sizzling* *footsteps crunching in snow* *shovel crunching in snow* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *bird tweet* *shovel scraping* *scrape* *shovel digging through snow and frozen ground: crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *scrape* *scrape* *Whack, whack, tap tap* *brushing hands off* *Flowing Water* *crunch of footsteps coming closer* *crunch, crunch, crunch* *snap-splash* *crunch* *snap, splash* […]

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