Fast-Tracking Food Forest Permanence

Hi, Geoff Lawton here. In the food forest area where we’ve been doing a fast establishment and we’ve actually used a rotary hoe to change grass, weed regime quickly into a fast food forest at this time of year. Let me show you the comparison of an area right next door. Here’s our cattle laneway, […]

HOW to quit Sugar & Unhealthy Habits

Almost everyone understand that Sugar isn’t particularly good for you and may feel guilty whenever having sweets or candy. This wasn’t always the case, sugar used to be advertised as just a source of quick energy, and even as a means for losing weight. “Mmm, another thing – the cold crisp taste of Coke is […]

PetSolutions: Kaytee Grassland Foraging Diets

Kaytee Grassland forging diets are nutritionally fortified daily diet similar to what is found in the bird’s natural environment. It includes vegetation grasses, seeds, bark, fruit, vitamins minerals, to ensure optimal health and vitality and provide mental stimulation to get naturally from forging. It’s available in four pound bags and two-pound bags for canaries and […]

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