Portland’s Urban Forests

[Music] [Music]>>Narrator: In Portland Maine the city owns and manages Nearly 20,000 street and park trees along with 1,000 acres of Forest and open space. Managing natural resources in an urban setting Involves many decisions by a variety of stake holders But all with one goal in mind improving the quality of life For those […]

Forest Management for Mitigating Drought Impacts

Amanda Cucchi: Welcome to the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. My name is Amanda Cucchi, and I will be your host today. I would like to welcome you to our webinar series held in partnership with the US Geological Survey’s National Climate Adaptation Science Center. Today’s webinar […]

Fighting catastrophic forest fires: a new vision

Each year we hear terrible news about forest fires in Mediterranean Europe. More and more often, large and high-intensity fires are becoming catastrophic, causing major economic damage and, tragically, the loss of human lives. Why is this happening? Four key factors are increasing forest fire risk in Mediterranean Europe: the expansion of forests, due to […]

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