Our Shared Climate Future

my name is Jen Kay and I’m a professor at the University of Colorado. in this video we introduce the greenhouse effect and discuss our shared climate future. what is the greenhouse effect? you’ve heard of it but can you explain how it works? the physics for explaining the greenhouse effect start with the stefan-boltzmann […]


Woah! Um Um Um Borrow means that you have something for a little bit and then you give it back to them. Someone gives you their thing and you return it to them in perfect condition. You are responsible for it and you have to take care of it and then once you’re done you […]

São Paulo: South America’s MEGACITY

The dramatic cliffs and endless beaches of Rio de Janeiro makes it the city that probably first comes to mind when you think of Brazil. São Paulo, the largest metropolis in the southern hemisphere, is the true economic engine of the world’s sixth most populous country. In 1554, Catholic missionaries with the help of indigenous […]

Accelerating Climate Action

This is a test. Morning>>Good morning. Welcome to everyone on day two of the Sustainable Development Summits in New York City. We are very excited in the agenda this morning. We have some outstanding speakers and we will focus particularly on actions and steps to tackle the climate change crisis that we face. It is […]

Dünyalaştırma (Terraforming) Nedir?

What is the Terraforming? In its simplest definition, the terraforming is to change a planet in a way that people can continue their life. The terraforming which frequently encounters us from science-fiction products,… has become a more interesting topic for many developed countries in consequence of the shortage of natural resources in the earth recently. […]

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