Electric Cars Myths vs Facts

This is a big one. Brace yourself. I’m going to talk about the top EV myths I hear about the most often. While that’s technically true, it’s not taking into account how your fueling pattern changes with an EV. In an ICE car, you drive until your tank reaches a point that it needs more […]

EVs and Climate Change

Thanks very much Yantao. And thank you all for coming out this afternoon. As Yantao said my research is in microbial genetics and since this is kind of an unusual topic I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences with regard to these issues: Zero emission vehicles’ impact on climate change. Some of […]

Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism?

In other words: Can we have Amazon …and the Amazon? What about if the boxes doubled as levies? Pleeaase! I’m Francesca Fiorentini, and in this episode we’re looking at the failures of profit-driven climate change solutions, and why the cooking of our planet is becoming a recipe for socialism. Once again we’ve broken global temperature […]

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