What is Green Burial

What is Green Burial Joe:Green Burial is really a way of caring for the dead that furthers legitimate environmental(not sure) aim such as the reduction of carbon emissions, the conservation of energy and natural resources, the protection of work or health and the restoration or preservation of habitat. In a practical sense that means burial […]

Just Check it! CalRecycle PSA in English

Keep your family safe, improve your gas mileage, extend the life of your tires. How do you do it? It’s easy. Just check it. Your tire pressure, that is. Keeping your tires properly inflated protects the environment, gives you peace of mind and saves you money for more important things. So Just Check It once […]

Renewable Energy Storage Solutions

Ontario’s energy needs are becoming more and more complex. Ontario generates its electricity from diverse sources including nuclear, hydroelectric, natural gas, wind and solar. Cleaner energy sources like wind and solar could not only allow us to transition away from conventional sources, but they’ve also presented a great opportunity to create large-scale energy storage systems […]

What Is Sustainability?

So what is Sustainability? You’ve probably heard the term sustainability in some context or another. Maybe you’ve used some product or service that was labeled as sustainable, or maybe you’re aware of some campus or civic organization that focuses on sustainability. You may recognize that sustainability has to do with preserving or maintaining resources. We […]

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