Is it OK to Pee in the Ocean?

So it’s summer and of course you’re heading out to the beach. You’re splashing around in the waves from the ocean when you realize… you may have drank far too much water. The boardwalk is so far away and your feet will get all sandy so why not just go in the ocean, right? Does […]

Environmental Health Symposium Day 1

Hi everyone this is Dr. Ryan Shelton. Thanks so much for tuning in. I am at the environmental health symposium 2019 just outside of Phoenix. I want to implore to you the importance of how many doctors consider environmental health and wellness to be an important component of their lives now I am NOT able […]

Health in Environmental Assessment

The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) has been around for more than 25 years. The fact that we are talking about health in environmental assessment is actually not at all surprising. Actually, that’s always been a common denominator. (Tom Smit – Deputy chairman NCEA): The point is that a lot more questions are being […]

Planting Ginseng in Forests

Here it is it’s October 15th and we’re planting ginseng and you might say, why are you planting ginseng in the fall, why not plant it in the spring like most things are planted? Well, the problem is ginseng can’t really be planted in the spring… if you live in the north. The reason for […]

Human Design Environment Basics

Hello visionaries in today’s video We are having a very special class on your unique environment So this is about your Human Design basics in regards to your unique environment So environment is where your body meets The least resistance, okay, so let’s talk about this for a second Environment this is the information in […]

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