HIV: Social and Environmental Factors

In communities across the United States, social and environmental factors often put African Americans at greater risk for HIV. Discrimination, stigma related to HIV, and negative attitudes toward gay people are far too common in all communities and especially in our black communities and may prevent many individuals from seeking HIV testing, treatment and support. […]

Borneo Death Blow – full documentary

In the remaining jungle of Borneo, lives a tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers. They’re known for their survival skills and for the deadly poison they use on their blowpipe darts the Penan My name is Raphael Treza. I’m a musician and film-maker I’m going to spend the next three months with the Penan tribe of Malaysia […]

The Edible Forest in Peru

Our project proposes a regenerative approach to agriculture and modern food production using vegan permaculture. The idea is to reforest after functioning ecosystems and create a forest or garden that is full of native species, returns habitat to wildlife and provides us with a variety of healthy plant foods. In vegan permaculture the idea is […]

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