College of Natural Resources: Dean Watzin

I love NC State because it’s a place focused on practical solutions. We can discover great new things, that’s half the fun of being a scientist, but it doesn’t make a difference unless you apply them to create a better future, and that’s in our DNA. It’s all about practical solutions for the future. We […]

Major Decisions: Geology

At SUU we provide innovative and relevant education Choosing a major is a first step. I’m Scott Wyatt, president of Southern Utah University. This series of spotlights will allow you to meet and hear from professors who have found their passion and teach it every day. Who do we have with us, Ellen? This is […]

MBT – Agricultural Scientist

I’m Dion Bennett, I’m 23 and I’m an agricultural scientist. Agricultural scientists work on problems within the primary industries, and looking at ways that we can increase food production. The two main types of wheat you have in Australia are bread wheat – which is the most widely grown crop – you also have durums, […]

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