Delaware State Jobs Salutes Our Vets

Hello my name is Stacy Kincer, I’m an HR Specialist IV in the labor relations department with Department of Services for Children Youth and their Families and I served in the United State Marine Corp. My name’s Jim Robinson I’m a Training Administrator and I work in the state wide training and organizational development office. […]

Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

>>Tom: When we’re producing food, there’s that purpose and that brings relevance. It’s all about student engagement and by engagement, I’m not talking about just paying attention. I’m talking about like an emotional, psychological commitment to their learning.>>Anne: We’re always studying these things in the context of this classroom or in a textbook, and that’s […]

Training for ICO Recruits | Indiana DNR

Congratulations on your decision to pursue the career of an Indiana Conservation Officer. It is our FULL expectation that you show up on DAY 1of PHASE 1, known as CORE VALUES ready and willing to handle the rigors of recruit training. This video is intended to give you a “head’s up” opportunity to get yourself […]

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