Ocean Queen resort Pelabuhan Ratu

Hi, welcome to ocean queen. A family owned resort in west Java, Indonesia. Come on let’s have a look around. We have twelve beach front bungalows and several pool front bungalows We also have single garden rooms Most families like to hang-out by the pool. There’s a safe kiddies pool and there’s also a large […]

Delhi’s Indian Ocean Strategy

– India is increasingly worried about Chinese capabilities in the Indian Ocean. In response, India is investing both in itself and in its neighbors to makes sure that Delhi remains the primary power in the Indian Ocean. The first part of this strategy is India building up its own capacity. A prime example of this […]

Forest Fire Families

In 2003, I moved to this area from Jakarta. At that time we rarely saw fire. Then forests were being cleared, peat being drained. So now the forest, which conserves water, has disappeared. In the dry season, the water dries and evaporates easily. Before, when the forest was still intact, the soil could conserve water […]

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