The Ogallala Aquifer

♫MUSIC♫ ANNE THOMPSON: In the state of Kansas, agriculture is king. Along with high yields of corn and soybeans, Kansas is the top wheat-producing state in the U.S., with yields of more than 382 million bushels in 2012, according to the USDA. The secret to this land’s bounty is not just the soil that covers […]

Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1618

Rob McClendon: Here’s what’s coming up on your “Horizon.” Well, if you’re lucky you’ve had one – a teacher that impacts your life. It may have been as simple as showing an interest in you when others hadn’t, or as complex as opening doors to new worlds of thought and discovery you never knew existed. […]

Irrigation Efficiency Research in the Oklahoma Panhandle (7/13/19)

– Hello everyone and welcometo Sunup, I'm Lyndall Stout. One of the world's largestaquifers, the Ogallala, is found in the Great Plains and lies in part inthe Oklahoma panhandle. Scientists from OSU andseveral other universities are finding solutions to sustainthis crucial water source. Today, Sunup's Dave Deken talks with our extension water conservationspecialist Jason Warren […]

Watering Tips for July

summer times coming here in Oklahoma and pretty soon it's going to dry out and it's time to start thinking about irrigating our yards so what I have here just to demonstrate is a soil moisture probe just to see where would we be at with our soil moisture after a rain so it just […]

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