Oahu Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation

Hawai’i is incredibly unique. It’s one of the most isolated landmasses in the middle of the Pacific. I’m extremely passionate about the ocean because the best moments of my life have been with these beautiful marine animals that I actively work to protect. And there’s a number of things that you can do to help […]

Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation

We encourage visitors to do what we call travel pono. Travel in a way that is positive for the thousands of miles of ocean that surround us. So we have a really important job to protect this reef that’s here. I’m extremely passionate about the ocean because the best moments of my life have been […]

Ocean Pasture Restoration

I’d like to thank you for watching another Scientists Warning program. I’m the host Stuart Scott. We’re coming to you from the UN climate negotiations COP-25 in Madrid, Spain. I’ll give you a contact address in case you have questions or comments for the panelists , the two that are here and the one that […]

We Are Ocean Wise

I’m a friend of the ocean. I’m an interpreter of the ocean. I’m a really big fan of the ocean. I’m a child of the ocean. I am a geek of the ocean. I am a voice for the ocean. I am constantly amazed by the ocean. I am deeply moved by the ocean. I […]

Impact: Looking to Jellyfish for Environmental Answers

Sea jellies, often called jellyfish, are creatures without brains or typical central nervous systems. But researchers at UC Merced suggest that despite their simple marine forms, jellies may provide answers to complex environmental questions. Over the last decade, 15 years, people have become concerned that there are dramatic changes in the abundances of jellyfishes, and […]

How sea cucumbers can help the ocean | The Economist

The ocean is facing environmental catastrophe You know really we are facing a planetary emergency These ecosystems are disappearing Overfishing is a ticking time bomb for both planet… …and people Hundreds of millions of people depend on tropical, small-scale fisheries… …for their survival and these fisheries are collapsing In one remote coastal village… …the locals […]

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