Climate change: human cost rising

every second somebody is displaced as the result of a disaster or the impacts of climate change there are now more people displaced as a consequence of disasters and climate change than by conflict and persecution if we continue greenhouse gas emissions on our contradictory business as usual then sea level rise will accelerate and […]


in ecology the matrix is not about people in long trench effects dodging bullets while plugged into a hyperreal computer program when we talk about the matrix in ecology we are talking about the areas that surround patches of remnant vegetation many native plants and animals can only live in native vegetation it's their habitat […]

11 Shocking Effects of Climate Change

eleven shocking effects of climate change number eleven droughts within the past 10 years mega droughts have plagued planet Earth to unimaginable levels lakes have completely dried up farms deserted and rainfall has been scarce to say the least one of the more remarkable examples that's noticeable with the human eye is the water levels […]

Biomes Savanna | Biology | Ecology

Savannah's arise along the edges of tropical deciduous forests as trees gradually become more widely spaced with trees and thorny scrub forests scattered about virtually all a year's precipitation of 30 to 50 centimetres falls on the trees and grasslands of the savanna during a rainy season of several months during the dry season no […]

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