Grassland Conference 2009 – Bungay Dairy

So I’m Gene. I manage Bungay at Manning Valley Dairy in Wingham. We’re currently milking between 8 and 900 cows, all Friesians. Our herd are predominantly Holsteins. There’d be a handful of crossbreds. But yeah, the majority are Holsteins. Looking to lift production out to around 9,000 litres a cow, milking that off about 700 […]

Grassland Jam: Monroe Crossing

– [Announcer] The following program is a production of Pioneer Public Television. (calm clarinet music) Grassland Jam presents the return of the Minnesota-based bluegrass favorite, Monroe Crossing. ♪ You’re gonna lose out on bread and milk ♪ Stock your shelves high ♪ Everybody’s worried except you and I ♪ Let the snow fly, I got […]

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

p”Gary Yourofsky: Fighter for justice” “‏4 anti-fur activists arrested” “Animal rights activist vows to live and die for his cause” “Animals Are Slaves To The Circus” “Activist stages protest outside circus” “Driven by a passion for justice” “Taking a stand and standing alone” “Activist chained to car at Shrine Circus” “Yourofsky chained to car at […]

Battle of the Cheeses – Episode 814: America’s Heartland

America’s Heartland is made possible by: The United Soybean Board whose “Common Ground” program creates conversations to help consumers get the facts about farming and food. There’s more at: The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. Dedicated to building greater awareness and understanding of agriculture through education and engagement. More information at: Farm […]

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