Dünyalaştırma (Terraforming) Nedir?

What is the Terraforming? In its simplest definition, the terraforming is to change a planet in a way that people can continue their life. The terraforming which frequently encounters us from science-fiction products,… has become a more interesting topic for many developed countries in consequence of the shortage of natural resources in the earth recently. […]

Life at the Lab: Soft Robots

looking at using soft robotic systems to manipulate the lunar and Mars surface materials to help further the development of human habitation on the surface a soft robot is a mechanical system that is flexible and compliant and not a standard hard or rigid system rigid systems when they hit you they hurt on earth […]

NRL Researchers Sample Lunar Material

So we’re proposing to look at Apollo samples that have been held sealed for the last 50 years and what we’re going to do is use our state-of-the-art microscope that lets us image and do spectroscopy at the scale a single atom so we have microscopes they hadn’t even dreamed of when the samples were […]

NASA | Best of “Earth As Art” — Top Five

[music] A series of Landsat satellites have surveyed the Earth’s surface since 1972. In that time, Landsat data have become a vital reference worldwide, used for understanding scientific issues related to land use and natural resources. However, some Landsat images are simply striking to look at, presenting spectacular views of mountains and valleys, forests and […]

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