2016 Sacramento Youth Summit

My name is Jose Gonzalez and I am the founder of Latino Outdoors and Latino Outdoors is both a community and network and a platform where we try to provide professional development opportunities for youth and young leaders. The Youth Summit is really because it’s a very physical convening opportunity to have the youth be […]

Building Bluebird Nest Boxes

[McPeake] Do you own a few acres? Do you want to do something for wildlife? If you lack nest cavities on your property, here’s a suggestion for you. Consider building or purchasing some nest boxes & putting them in strategic locations on your property. Eastern bluebirds are a prime example of the species that have […]

2010 Winners on Disney Channel 365

Disney 3-6-5 Hey everyone, with all the info of all things Disney 365 days a year, I’m Regina. in the middle of Iowa where everyone in Mrs. Schnedler’s 6th grade class and the rest of the school. is about to find out that they just won Disney’s Planet Challenge! Mrs. Schnedler, students, you guys are […]

Learning Environmental Science

Environmental science is about how nature operates and about how human activities affect that operation. And since it’s really fundamentally about nature, it would be great to teach environmental science in nature. That’s a bit of a challenge with 450 students. But in my class I do my best to try and get the students […]

Nature & Learning – Innovation in Education, Finland

Eco-School aims to increase awareness of nature and the environment by cooperating with the Pirkanmaa Regional Environment Centre, the Ministry of Environment and with the support from EU. The school is developing its pedagogical activities and using nature as a school, as well as providing material to support environmental education. The priorities are: knowledge of […]

What Is Sustainability?

So what is Sustainability? You’ve probably heard the term sustainability in some context or another. Maybe you’ve used some product or service that was labeled as sustainable, or maybe you’re aware of some campus or civic organization that focuses on sustainability. You may recognize that sustainability has to do with preserving or maintaining resources. We […]

DPC Intro

What if our next national park was started by an elementary school? What if the fresh produce on your plate was brought to you by Mrs. Heilig’s 5th grade class? What if an idea to save our oceans comes from a twelve year old? Welcome to Disney’s Planet Challenge where today’s youth are creating a […]

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