Forest Medicine: Stories Happen in Forests

My name’s Alison Czeczuga, I’m the Global Sourcing and Sustainability Specialist at Gaia Herbs. Gaia Herbs is a vertically integrated herbal supplement manufacturer. We don’t just have a responsibility to shareholders, but we have a responsibility to people and communities and ecological communities as well. I’ve always had an affinity for nature, and I’ve always […]

Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund

Least Terns. Indiana Bats. Hellbenders. Sandhill cranes. Allegheny woodrats. Streamside Salamanders. Freshwater mussels. These are just some of the 750 nongame and endangered wildlife species in Indiana. Their survival depends on the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund, and you can help. In fact, your help is critical to ongoing research of these species and their needs. […]

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