Advanced Google Searching for NOAA Researchers

Okay great well thank you everybody for joining us today for our third Knowledge Workshop of the year. Today we will be going over Advanced Google Searching. We’re gonna show you some some nice tools for today the goals are just to really help everybody here improve their searching abilities and techniques, introduce you to […]

NCEP: Environmental Modeling Center

>>The National Weather Service mission is about providing forecasts and warnings with the goal of protecting lives and property and enhancing the economy. And our models allow forecasters to give more lead-time on those warnings for critical weather and ocean events.>>Most people don’t realize that the models that we maintain here – the forecasts from […]

Sea Grant Aquaculture Education Network Summit

The aquaculture in action program was designed to bring educators together. We’re basically putting together a network of Sea Grant educators and other teachers in our Maryland local school systems here to collaborate and work on how we can better form a network of project-based science centered around aquaculture in the United States. Our participants […]

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