Oceans are Deserts

The ocean is the biggest habitat on Earth. In total, 361 million square kilometers of water cover the surface of the planet, which totals up to 71% of Earth’s surface area. That means there’s more than twice the area of ocean than dry earth on this planet that we call “Earth.” And that’s a good […]

Open Access for ACU Researchers

This video will tell you all you need to know about making your research Open Access. Open Access means making your research freely available to any user online. Open Access to your publications allows you to share your knowledge and means your research will reach the widest possible audience. This carries with it a potential […]

Satisfactory #2: Automation

what's up dragon nation Tom Richwood dragon nation gaming welcome to another beautiful day in satisfactory so last episode was a few weeks ago I haven't played this game in quite some time but I think last episode what we did was we got everything upgraded as far as we can let me go ahead […]

The OERs – Open Educational Resources

for the longest time human societies evolved very slowly but since not so long ago our pace of change has been increasing exponentially and the faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and a lot faster this constant evolution is only possible through the production and assimilation of knowledge and the system transmitting […]

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