How Climate Changes Art

art is made of natural materials stone pigment wood clay fibers and metals even water fog and ice it's also made of stuff that is seemingly less natural but still made from things we derive from the earth art is also notoriously difficult to preserve we devote considerable resources to keeping a selection of it […]

The Last Time the Globe Warmed

Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supportingPBS Digital Studios. Imagine an enormous rainforest teeming withlife: trees, insects, pretty little birds. Primates are climbing in the canopy, whilecrocodiles and turtles swim in the rivers below. Beautiful, isn’t it? Now imagine this lush rainforest … in theArctic. There was a time — and not too long ago — […]

How Volcanoes Froze the Earth (Twice)

Imagine a world covered in ice. Estimates vary, but some scientists thinkat the poles, it could reach negative 130 degrees celsius. And there was no escaping the cold even atthe equator, where temperatures would have dipped below 0 degrees. Sheets of ice coat both land and sea, andbeneath them, the world is quiet and relatively […]

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