Niche Identification

Jodie has a question here. Can you walk us through the process of identifying that there is a niche in a system that needs filled based on the presence of an uninvited volunteer, acting to replace that volunteer with something more productive in that niche, and the maintenance approach or schedule for after intervening. I’m […]

Do All Palms Fix Phosphate?

Catrina has a question about palms; “Do all palms fix phosphate? We have phoenix canariensis”, I love them, they’re beautiful looking, aren’t they? “here, how can I get the most out of my phosphate fixing plants?” Well, yeah. As far as I know, all palms fix phosphate, with a mycelium fungi attachment on the roots, […]

Greening the Desert Project

[Narrator] So we went in and we had a look and we thought “Oh no, this is the end of the Earth, “this is as hard as you can get, this is hyper arid.” and it’s 10 acres of almost dead flat completely salted landscape. 400 meters below sea level, lowest place on Earth, two […]

Unconventional Agriculture

we live in a world where the agriculture we practiced for 10,000 years has suddenly become unconventional how did it happen to explain that we need to tell the story of nitrogen when you grow something like a tomato it pulls nutrients out of the soil of these potassium nitrogen and phosphorus by the most […]

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