Ocean Acidification — Changing Planet

In Antarctica, few animals can survive the howling winds and frigid temperatures up on the land, blanketed by snow. But here, in the Southern Ocean, under the serene cool blue ice cover, Antarctica is teeming with life. In these frigid waters live creatures that would feel right at home in a 1950s monster movie: giant […]

Our mysterious ocean floor

NOWADAYS we know a huge amount about our precious planet and what it consists of. But what we don’t always consider is that a vast 70% of the Earth’s surface is under the sea. And only 15% of this has been mapped in detail. There’s an entire world underwater that we know very little about. […]

These Dogs Sniff Out Wildlife Crime

(light music) – We as humans have always used dogs to help us get what we want and what we need. We make amazing teams because we’ve evolved together, and they make a massive difference in conservation by finding things that we couldn’t possibly find to give us information to help save species. Our dogs […]

The Cosmic Ocean

The Universe is a vast cosmic ocean. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. Had Carl Sagan not passed away, today, November 9th, would be his 83rd birthday. I imagine a large part of the audience for this channel remembers Sagan, and fondly so, and I am no exception. He is one of the […]

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