2010 Winner’s Announcement

(upbeat music) We wanted to just come and recognize you, in person, for the great work that you did. And really, on behalf of the Walt Disney Company we’d like to congratulate you. (laugh) Oh my God! Can i, can I tell them? Mrs. Schnedler, students you guys are the grand prize winners of the […]

How Asteroid Mining Will Save Earth

MATT O’DOWD: Thank you to Audible.com for supporting PBS Digital Studios. Quietly on January 1, 2009, a company called Arkyd Astronautics was formed, a secretive organization with a cryptic name and with ties to billionaires like XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis and James Cameron. In 2012, they revealed their plan to the world. Under the banner […]

2010 Winners on Disney Channel 365

Disney 3-6-5 Hey everyone, with all the info of all things Disney 365 days a year, I’m Regina. in the middle of Iowa where everyone in Mrs. Schnedler’s 6th grade class and the rest of the school. is about to find out that they just won Disney’s Planet Challenge! Mrs. Schnedler, students, you guys are […]

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