Planting Ginseng in Forests

Here it is it’s October 15th and we’re planting ginseng and you might say, why are you planting ginseng in the fall, why not plant it in the spring like most things are planted? Well, the problem is ginseng can’t really be planted in the spring… if you live in the north. The reason for […]

How to Plant Tree Seedlings

It’s easy to plant a tree seedling. There are six simple things to do. One! Pick a spot! Your tree seedling needs a place where it gets sunlight and has space to grow. Two! Watch those roots! The roots must go straight down into the ground. If you can’t dig that deep, you can trim […]


Horticulture is the art and science of plants, and our students get to work with them in their labs throughout their college career. As a society, we’re learning all about the environment around us. And as horticulturists, we play a big role in that environment, and our students get to be involved with plants on […]

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