Shrublands – Biomes Episode 3

Often overlooked, these relatively arid regions of earth take second or third place to forests or grasslands when it comes to beauty contests. Too dry for trees to flourish, we’re left with a mix of shrubs and grasses, spanning the subtropics to the temperate latitudes. Having a surprising biodiversity considering their parched appearance, these areas […]

Cool Wildlife in Thailand (Koh Chang)

Back in October, Mr. German Man and I visited Koh Chang, a Thai island in the Gulf of Thailand. This island with just two main roads is home to several ecosystems, including mangrove forests, a rain forest in the middle, and of course the shore. There’s said to be 61 different kinds of birds on […]

How wildlife films warp time

In the Jungles episode of the BBC’s Planet Earth II, there’s a stunning scene of hummingbirds in Ecuador, flying in slow motion. And when it aired in the UK, some viewers wondered if the BBC actually created the footage with computer graphics. And you can’t blame them. With our own eyes, we’ll never see hummingbirds […]

Why Poor Places Are More Diverse

A soccer-field sized patch of forest in frigid Alaska has about 40 different species of plants, compared with about 70 in temperate England and 300 in the Amazonian rain forest. These biodiversity differences hold true for entire countries, too: England has 1500 plant species, while tropical Guyana. The super-diversity of tropical rainforests is only equalled […]

Our Amazing Grasslands ~ Schmidt Family

I’m the fourth generation my great grandfather Charles Schmidt came here from Hampton Iowa in 1910 they probably came as farmers and recognized almost immediately that it was better the cow than the plow you know it was probably not conducive to farming like they had been used to I think my family adapted pretty […]

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