Forest Medicine: Stories Happen in Forests

My name’s Alison Czeczuga, I’m the Global Sourcing and Sustainability Specialist at Gaia Herbs. Gaia Herbs is a vertically integrated herbal supplement manufacturer. We don’t just have a responsibility to shareholders, but we have a responsibility to people and communities and ecological communities as well. I’ve always had an affinity for nature, and I’ve always […]

Shrublands – Biomes Episode 3

Often overlooked, these relatively arid regions of earth take second or third place to forests or grasslands when it comes to beauty contests. Too dry for trees to flourish, we’re left with a mix of shrubs and grasses, spanning the subtropics to the temperate latitudes. Having a surprising biodiversity considering their parched appearance, these areas […]

Cool Wildlife in Thailand (Koh Chang)

Back in October, Mr. German Man and I visited Koh Chang, a Thai island in the Gulf of Thailand. This island with just two main roads is home to several ecosystems, including mangrove forests, a rain forest in the middle, and of course the shore. There’s said to be 61 different kinds of birds on […]

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