Students Learn About Agriculture And Science

Middle school students learned about agriculture and a whole lot more at a U.S. Department of Agriculture garden just outside of Washington, D.C. The students were on a field trip to the Agricultural Research Service’s Student Discovery Garden. When we say agriculture a lot of people just think about plants and a chicken or two, […]

Ocean Waves Create Renewable Energy Source

Waves aren’t just for greetings. Our planet is about 71% water. Oceans and other bodies of water produce waves. The kinetic energy generated from the ebb and flow of these waves can be used to provide energy to systems such as desalination plants, water pumps and power plants. Buoys both above and below the water’s […]

DPC Intro

What if our next national park was started by an elementary school? What if the fresh produce on your plate was brought to you by Mrs. Heilig’s 5th grade class? What if an idea to save our oceans comes from a twelve year old? Welcome to Disney’s Planet Challenge where today’s youth are creating a […]

Farm Monitor – June 30, 2018

[Announcer] This is the Georgia Farm Monitor. Since 1966, your source for state and national agribusiness news and features for farmers and consumers about Georgia’s number one industry, agriculture. The Georgia Farm Monitor is produced by the state’s largest general farm organization, the Georgia Farm Bureau. Now, here are your hosts, Ray D’Alessio and Kenny […]

Erosion and Soil

Hi I am Jared welcome to Fun Science Demos. The big idea today is erosion and how water has the power to shape our land. But we do not want the water to shape our land too much because we need that soil to grow plants. We use those plants for food and animals use […]

Chadron State Agriculture & Rangeland Management

Do you like to work outside? Are you seeking a hands-on career with animal and plant life? Join the Agriculture and Rangeland Management program at Chadron State College, and work, play, live, learn and grow. Our program features hands-on activities in the classroom, experience in the field, and outstanding facilities, including our new, state of […]

How To Calibrate Spraying Equipment

[MUSIC PLAYING] – Welcome to Southwest Yard and Garden. I’m John White. With me today is Craig Runyan, and Craig is Extension Water Resource Specialist. And, Craig, we’re going to be talking about sprayer calibration? – That’s right. – For the homeowner? – For the homeowner. Thanks for having me on the show. – You’re […]

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