Changing Supply Chain Dynamics

Hello and welcome to Talking Points. I’m Dave Kelly Director of Advanced Media Production at Cal State Long Beach. Today we’re going to talk about the shifting winds of change in world trade and how those changes will affect manufacturing and the supply chain. My guest today is Dr. Tom O’Brien. Dr. O’Brien is the […]

Study Environmental Science at Deakin University

Environmental Science is a lot to explain, but for me it’s how people work together within communities to work towards preserving the environment for better sustainable futures. I decided about five years ago, I did my first volunteering trip with Zoo’s Victoria trapping eastern barred bandicoots, and I realised then that I always wanted to […]

EPA: The Messy Impact of Trash in Our Waters

[xylophone music] JOHNSON: I’m Laura Johnson with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, I’m the program lead for the Trash-Free Waters Program. [waves crashing] JOHNSON: Trash and litter entering waterways continues to be a problem in the United States and around the world. Commonly held estimates suggest that approximately 80% of litter and trash in […]

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